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Quarterly Summary Rerport On Trafficking In Persons.

 (By Agnes K Kyambadde February 2014) 

Trafficking in Persons news 2014. 
Globally human trafficking has increasingly become a major problem and a cause of inexorable concern. In easier broader and innovative forms, humans particularly women and children are traded as chattels within and across borders for among others labor, drug transit, sex trafficking, adoption and marriage. 
It is imperative to note that the trafficking in persons industry thrives on ignorance and preys upon the vulnerable populations. Traffickers know the regions of Uganda where the most innocent, naive, and poor people live, and from among these groups they choose their victims. Rural areas, Rural-urban areas and Kampala urban slums are prone to this act. 

2 Child trafficking on the rise in Kampala.(Rural to Urban) 
Slum Aid Project has in the last 2 months handled 6 cases on human trafficking, many of them in their youthful stage. Four of the children/youths have been repatriated to their families. 2 girls were from Malaba boarder, one from Kitimbwa in Bugerere, another from Mubende , and one from Lyantonde. One is still in the community being assisted by one of SAP volunteers. 

It is quite saddening that women are the key perpetuators of this ill act in the slums. See some cases below: 

ASINA (trafficked at 14yrs) of Tanzanian origin but residing in Malaba-Uganda 
Asina, 14 years, from Malaba testified that a certain lady known as Mrs Wasemba had found them playing netball with 9 other girls in a school field near their home. The lady asked them whether they wanted to earn money in Kampala. Asina, Immy and Sandra agreed and the woman asked them to meet her later in the night. Asina and Sandra managed to escape and boarded a taxi to Kampala with this woman. She first took them to her home in Nsambya Gogonya. The woman later supplied them into 2 different places in Natete as shop attendants and cleaners. Asina doesn’t know whether this woman was paid or not. Asina was being paid U Shs 50,000 per month for 13 months. Asina testified that she used all her money on eating snacks and soda. Her master later terminated her services due to unknown reasons without paying her for that month. Asina tried to look for the woman who brought her but later resigned and went to Police in Kabalagala. She was not assisted so she kept wondering around until she unknowingly got to Katwe. A certain lady who sells food by the road side saw her very tired and took her to the area LC1 Women representative in Katwe- Musoke zone, who also happens to be a SAP volunteer. She brought her to Slum Aid Project and because she looked so worn out we decided to repatriate her to her parents. Asina said she did not know where Sandra was working. 
She was given food and escorted to board a taxi to Malaba. Asina acknowledged that she could trace her home once taken to Malaba. SAP paid her transport fare and gave her U shs 5000 for her daily upkeep after she arrived in Malaba. 
Asina called us later and said she had arrived safely home. Her father also called to appreciate our efforts. The father acknowledged that many young girls ran from their homes just like Asina but later returned, some even with children. 

Nazziwa Sarah ( trafficked at 13 years) 
Nazziwa’s story traces way back to 2007. She at the age of 13 was found coming from school by a lady who asked her whether she wanted to work. Nazziwa was excited about coming to Kampala, so she accepted and came. The lady’s name is commonly known as Maama Shadia then selling food near terrace bar in Nakulabye. 
NAzziwa’s parents searched for her and gave up. Nazziwa worked for maama Shadia for 3 years, and because she also worked at night, Nazziwa soon joined the Kiyaye bad groups of Nakulabye. She started smoking and drinking. Maama Shadia could no longer stay with Nazziwa so she chased her away. Nazziwa went to the streets and joined the sex workers. She soon became pregnant and managed to abort. She then got pregnant again in 2013. She was assisted by a one maama Shavin in the nakulabye community who also reffered her to the area Woman LC representative, also SAP volunteer, Mrs Teo Nsereko. She brought her to SAP. 

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