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Welcome to Slum Aid Project Uganda

  Slum Aid Project (SAP) is a national NGO whose main target is to work for the improvement of the lives and livelihoods of Slum communities in Uganda. SAP has been in existence for 22 years during which period it has been able to acquire a degree of understanding of the social dynamics of the Slum communities.

Given the increasing complexity and magnitude of slum conditions in the country, SAP has decided to re adjust and sharpen its focus and interventions. The organisation, while still committed to its interest in improving the lives of slum dwellers, aims at ensuring that many other like-minded organisations and actors in slums emerge and are helped to acquire the necessary skills, competencies, attitudes and knowledge to enable them effectively support slum dwellers in improving their livelihoods.

Therefore in this document SAP sets out strategies aimed at shifting from its current Kampala based focus and at positioning it as the lead facilitator of slum development processes in the country. SAP in this new strategic plan aims at both taking forward its current work in Kampala and supporting slum development interventions in other parts of the country.

In order to clearly articulate this shift, two strategic planning workshops were carried out in September 2012 and November 2013 at which the following strategies were identified and agreed on to guide SAP’s operations for the coming three years.


To see that people of Uganda in slum communities live and enjoy fair and dignified lives


To strengthen the capacity of slum communities (men, women and children) to challenge and effect sustainable change in their lives through research capacity building and advocacy.

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